The Tranquil Youths Organization Of Nigeria (TYON) Board of Trustees has made the following clarifications
1.) The contribution by members of TYON is not in any way connected to the recruitment exercise.
The fee is strictly for the provisions of souvenirs with the insignia of the organization to registered members such as;
  • Branded T-shirt
  • Branded Face cap
  • Muffler scarf
  • Membership card
TYON is expected to get funding for its activities from donations and grants from various local and foreign organizations, governments and corporate institutions.
Also from individuals and members donations.
2.) It is crucial to note that while all academically qualified members are entitled to apply to work for the organisation, only a limited number of qualified members will be recruited in the course of shortlisting and interview to work in the administrative offices of the organization.
It is the resolve of the TYON to restrict the recruitment to its members who have the zeal and passion in discharging their administrative responsibilities in service to the organization for a tranquil Nigeria.
The focus of the Tranquil Youths Organization Of Nigeria is on youth development and empowerment through various social and economic programmes without charge.
It is the desire of TYON to take most of the less privileged Nigerian Youths off the streets, free of all sorts of vices and crimes by engaging them in various vocations free of charge and exploring their talents for a defined future.
3.) All members/staff are expected to work in their various states of permanent residence.
Interviews for members/applicants will be virtual via zoom and training done for the members/staff trainees in the various states.
No member/applicant is expected to embark on any trip outside their state of permanent residence for an interview or work for the organization.
Mohammed Abdulmumin
Board of Trustees